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Welcome to Eveningstar Natural Health, where we combine the best of modern medicine with naturopathic approches. Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the cause of illness rather than its symptoms. It uses food and exercise as medicine and always starts with the least-invasive appropriate treatments to help you heal.

We are guided by our six principles when working with our patients:

Under the care of Dr. Leslie Batten, primary care physician, you and your family will be treated with kindness and respect. Whether you are experiencing an acute or chronic health concern or want to prevent future illness, naturopathic medicine has the tools you need to achieve optimum health. We look forward to helping you on your path to wellness and health.

Why "Eveningstar"?

photoEveningstar a beautiful plant with many medicinal uses. The common evening primrose is native to the Rocky Mountains as well as eastern and central North America. The seeds of the flower (evening primrose oil) are most commonly used to reduce inflammation, help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and treat various skin conditions. Early settlers used the entire plant to treat rashes and stimulate digestion.

Photo Credit: Orange Primrose by Yana Ray

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